Wills cultivated a community of queer-identified people to explore the themes of the festival, and desire as a sociopolitical force. Wills designed the course with participatory practice of mind and body, lectures, presentations from the performing artists, and space to make work responses of their own. If you came to the show, you might have seen some of the storytellers in the beginning of the night against the wall.

Wills invited storytellers to be critically and bodily engaged, and so participants pulled apart and voiced our responses to the artists work - whilst working for ourselves. This community project has navigated unchartered territory, a facilitated opportunity to go deep into exploring personal desires. Like a small group of rebels, storytellers were inspired to meet in small corners, move, listen, share, watch, and uncover our stories - the ones that lie below the earth unannounced, until one stops to listen and hears the quiet rumble of something ready to be revealed. This project is Wills' creative output. 

These are the 2015 Storytellers. Click on their image to see more about their story.

2015 Storytellers:

Ferrara Brain, Pavini Moray, Erich Eich, Thom Vee, Trouve Ivo, Tiara Paedia, Devin, Elizabeth Cooper, Captain, Jess Zita Bennett & Cindy Dewitt 

Led & guided by TIWIW artistic director, Tessa Wills