2015 Press

2015 Audience Quotes

“This is the best thing I’ve been to in the Bay Area” - Julia Harvard

“You can really tell the work that has gone into this, behind the scenes, it seems like an amazing group of people. What an amazing atmosphere.” - Ama Budge

"It captured a spirit of San Francisco that I thought had died with 848. It's so important that its happening in the Bay still." - Jess Curtis

"I thought this kind of work had died when the artists moved out of SF.  I'm so inspired you guys are keeping it alive." - anonymous

“I'm still under impression of last night's performance, especially of the last piece. Incredible!” - Dasha

“It’s really unique. Never seen anything like it.” - Wendy Blank

“It was so cool. I’m kind of overwhelmed.” - Katie Oswell

"intense and eye opening” - Wendy Vasta

“You should take this on tour. The world needs to see this.” - Martha Victor

"This show is outstanding. Bravo." - Ian Waisler

"Just so good." - Margit Galanter

About Cristina Victor's piece: "incredible, powerful, beautiful, talented, gracias." - anonymous

"Thank you artists, curators, organizers and volunteers, for a moving, exciting, (thought)provoking evening of powerful work!!! I'm so glad I got to experience it." - Ronja Verr

"Such a strong and good community feeling, super inspiring." - Rachael

You dealt so well with identity/race, colonialism in the work - Camille

"So amazing to experience the generosity of both the audience and artists" - Julie Phelps